• Please feel welcome to attend the American Corner to practice your English and engage in meaningful discussions of issues relevant to our lives in a global context.

    An atmosphere featuring free-flowing and open discussion highlighting the breadth and depth of American-Hungarian values, ideas, and opinions await you.

    Moderator: Robin CATHEY

    All ages and levels of proficiency are welcome.

    Admission is free.

    List of words and expressions from this Conversation Club:
    (By Robin CATHEY)

    • chief warden: a person charged with the care or custody of persons, animals, or things
    • call out: yell out
    • torture (n): the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a punishment or in order to force them to do or say something.
    • poacher: a person who hunts illegally
    • rebel groups: political group that uses armed conflict in opposition to established government or governments for reasons such as to seek political change or to establish or maintain independence.
    • war-torn: devastated or damaged by war
    • roam: move about or travel aimlessly or unsystematically, especially over a wide area
    • on patrol: expedition to keep watch over an area, especially by guards or police walking or driving around at regular intervals.

    BUCHANAN, Michael: This gorilla might owe its life to a heroic park warden. Share America, Jun,13, 2017. (June 30, 2017)