• Please feel welcome to attend the American Corner to practice your English and engage in meaningful discussions of issues relevant to our lives in a global context.

    An atmosphere featuring free-flowing and open discussion highlighting the breadth and depth of American-Hungarian values, ideas, and opinions await you.

    Moderator: Robin CATHEY

    All ages and levels of proficiency are welcome.

    Admission is free.

    List of words and expressions from this Conversation Club:

    • pour in: to arrive in high numbers
    • tide: the alternate rising and falling of the sea (high tide; low tide)
    • hammock: a bed made of rope supported by beams on two sides
    • boost: increase
    • precise: exact
    • crops: cultivated plants grown in large quantities
    • plague: (v) cause continue trouble to
    • catch on: become popular
    • splits: divides

    BUCHANAN, Michael: Drop by drop, Israeli-American scientist grows food in the desert. ShareAmerica. May 22, 2017. (2017. 06.08.)