• Please feel welcome to attend the American Corner to practice your English and engage in meaningful discussions of issues relevant to our lives in a global context.

    An atmosphere featuring free-flowing and open discussion highlighting the breadth and depth of American-Hungarian values, ideas, and opinions await you.

    Moderator: Robin CATHEY

    All ages and levels of proficiency are welcome.

    Admission is free.

    List of words and expressions from this Conversation Club:
    (by Robin CATHEY)

    • afraid of heights - afraid of being up high
    • surprised - shocked
    • claustrophobia - fear of small spaces
    • influence (v) - have an effect on
    • press (n) - newspapers or journalists
    • headline - a heading at the top of an article 
    • grassroots - ordinary people regarded as the main body of an organization's membership
    • practitioner - person who practices something
    • clash - fight
    • subscription - an arrangement to receive something, usually a publication, by paying in advance
    • to aim (v) - to intend to achieve something
    • foreign correspondent - a journalist who travels to another country to report
    • poverty - the state of being poor
    • angle - view point; perspective
    • slot - a position that can be filled
    • to hire - to give a job; employ
    • wage - salary
    • benefit - advantage or profit; examples: paid vacation, parking space