• Please feel welcome to attend the American Corner to practice your English and engage in meaningful discussions of issues relevant to our lives in a global context.

    An atmosphere featuring free-flowing and open discussion highlighting the breadth and depth of American-Hungarian values, ideas, and opinions await you.

    Moderator: Jason NEWPORT & Susan WIMMER

    All ages and levels of proficiency are welcome.

    Admission is free.

    List of words and experssions from this Conversation Club:
    (by Jason NEWPORT & Susan WIMMER)

    • Showcasing – To show something in a good way: to highlight.
    • Flee – To run away from something: to escape.
    • Exile – A person who is forced to leave his or her home and not allowed to return: also the time that the person is living that way.
    • Sought – Looked for or tried to get.
    • Gallery – A place to display art.
    • Exhibition – A public show or display.
    • Depict – To show something by making a picture of it.
    • Signify – To mean something: to indicate meaning.
    • Decimated – Greatly harmed. 
    • Intertwined – Two or more things twisted together.
    • Soot – Black dust left after a fire.
    • Convey – To get across: to deliver.
    • Evoke – To create a feeling or bring something to mind.
    • Toll – A cost to be paid or a lot of loss or damage.
    • Venue – Place where events are held.
    • Exposure – Being open or uncovered: able to be seen.

    MONSEN, Lauren: Art From Exile: Syrian refugees find their voices through art. ShareAmerica, December 12, 2016. (2017.05.20.)