What is EducationUSA?      

EducationUSA is a U.S. Department of State-supported network of hundreds of advising centers around the world. Each year, EducationUSA advisers provide millions of international students with accurate, comprehensive, and current information about how to apply to U.S. colleges and universities. EducationUSA staff also work with U.S. higher education professionals to promote international student recruitment.

Advising in Pécs

The American Corner in Pécs is the only U.S. State Department affiliated center in the South Transdanubian region of Hungary. Zsuzsanna Nagy, EducationUSA adviser is prepared to help you along the process of being admitted to U.S. higher education institutions. You may request a personal meeting with her via e-mail: zsnagy[at]

Visit the Corner and the EducationUSA Adviser helps you to:

  • choose your level of study: undergraduate (Bachelor), graduate (Master) and professional (law, medical, or PhD),
  • prepare for standardized admission test: TOEFL, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, USMLE, LSAT,
  • master your skills on American style CVs, essays, and personal statements,
  • access scholarship and funding opportunities,
  • adjust to American culture.​

Take advantage of the following services to best prepare for an American education:

  • library membership with access to test preparation materials and other reference books relevant to higher education in the U.S.,
  • conversation clubs and English language movie nights to enhance your language skills,
  • workshops and presentations dedicated to improving knowledge and skills,
  • free PC usage and Internet access.​

Továbbtanulás az Egyesült Államokban INFORMÁCIÓ MAGYARUL

A list of EducationUSA centers in Hungary

Fulbright Commission/Fulbright Educational Advising Center
Litkei Kornélia
1082 Budapest, Baross u. 62., 1st Floor, Room 111.
Phone: +36 1 462 80 50
E-mail: EducationUSA[at]

American Corner Debrecen
Tóth Viktória
4024 Debrecen, Kossuth u. 1.
Phone: +36 52 531 982
E-mail: debrecen[at]

American Corner Pécs

Nagy Zsuzsanna
Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, Building 8
7630 Pécs, Felsővámház utca 52.
Phone: +36 72 500 386
E-mail: zsnagy[at]

University of Szeged, Library/
American Higher Education Information Center
Dr. Ficzkó Ildikó
6722 Szeged, Ady tér 10.
Phone: +36 62 546 625
Fax: +36 62 546 665
E-mail: ficzko[at]

Eötvös Károly County Library/American Corner Veszprém
Falussy Boglárka
8200 Veszprém, Komakút tér 3.
Phone: +36 88 560 600
Fax: +36 88 560 601
E-mail: veszprem[at]