Adapted Literature

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Adapted Literature 

Twain, Mark

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (Stage 0)

Mitchell, H.Q.

The Mix-up (Stage 0)

Twain, Mark

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Stage 1)

Vicary, Tim

Pocahontas (Stage 1)

Hardy-Gould, Janet

San Francisco (Stage 1)

Akinyemi, Rowena

Love or Money? (Stage 1)

Escott, John (retold by)

Goodbye, Mr Hollywood (Stage 1)

Vicary, Tim

Titanic (Stage 1)

Poe, Edgar Allen

The Murders in the Rue Morgue (Stage 2)

Vicary, Tim

Death in the Freezer (Stage 2)

Henry, O.

New Yorkers (Stage 2)

Henry, O.

Eight Great American Tales (Stage 2)

Maguire, Jackie

Seasons and Celebrations (Stage 2)

Newbolt, Barnaby

Oceans (Stage 2)

Hardy-Gould, Janet

Chocolate  (Stage 2)

Twain, Mark

Huckleberry Finn (Stage 2)


The Last of the Mohicans  (Stage 2)


The Wizard of Oz (Stage 2)


Sunny's Lucky Day (Stage 2)

Warthon, Edith

Ethan Frome  (Stage 3)

Segal, Erich

Love Story (Stage 3)

Baxter, Alison

The USA (Stage 3)

Bassett, Jennifer

The Kiss (Stage 3)

Poe, Edgar Allan

Tales of Mystery and Imagination (Stage 3)

London, Jack

The Call of the Wild (Stage 3)

Hawthorne, Nathaniel

The Scarlet Letter (Stage 4)

James, Henry

Washington Square (Stage 4)

Fitzgerald, F. Scott

The Great Gatsby  (Stage 5)

Escott, John (retold by)

American Crime Stories (Stage 6)

Maclean, Alistair

Night Without End  (Stage 6)