Anthology & Criticism

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Anthology & Criticism

Abinader, Elmaz

In the Counry of My Dreams


African-American Women in Literature

Ayers, Edward L. & Mittendorf, Bradley C.

The American South

Barthelme, Donald

Unspeakable Practices, Unnatural Acts

Barthelme, Donald

60 Stories

Bryson, Bill

Neither Here Nor There - Travels in Europe

Bolt, Robert

A Man for All Seasons

Goldberg, Bonni

Beyond the Words - The Three Untapped Sources of Creative Fulfillment for Writers

Bricuth, John

As Long as It's Big

Casey, John & Kulka, John & Danford, Natalie

Best New American Voices - Short Stories 2004

Carroll, Andrew

War Letters

Cisneros, Sandra

Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories

Clarke, Arthur C.; Keyes, Daniel

Dilemmas : The Secret, Flowers for Algernon

Collins, Billy

Nine Horses (Poems)

Collins, Billy

Questions About Angels

Collins, Sue

Literary Criticism - An Introduction

Creeley, Robert

Just in Time Poems 1984-1994

Csáth, Géza

The Diary of Geza Csath (Csáth Géza Naplója)

Csonka, Károly & Koncz, István Sz.

Ballada a városról (The Ballad about the City)

Eliot, T.S.

Versek - Drámák - Macskák Könyve (Poems - Plays - Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats)

Berkin, Carol (ed.)

Encyclopedia of American Literature - Volume 1: The Colonial and Revolutionary Era form 1607

Paddock, Lisa (ed.)

Encyclopedia of American Literature - Volume 2: The Age of Romanticism and Realism form 1815

Rollyson, Carl (ed.)

Encyclopedia of American Literature - Volume 3: The Modern and Postmodern Priod form 1915

Eszterházy, Péter

Helping Verbs of the Heart (A szív segédigéi)

Feldmár, A. & Popper, P. & Ranschburg, J.

Mesterkurzus - Végzet, sors, szabad akarat (Master Course - Destiny, Fortune, Free Will)

Franzen, Jonathan

How to Be Alone

Glubke, Mark

The Best American Short Plays - 2000-2001

Graff, Gerald & Phelan, James (ed.)

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - A Case Study in Critical Controversy

Hogan, Linda

The Book of Medicine

Hrabal, Bohumil

Total Fears

Inge, Thomas M. (ed.)

A Nineteenth-Century - American Reader

Kral, Thomas

Kulcsár Edit & Kulcsár Enikő (szerk.)

Being People - An Anthology for Non-native Speakers of English

31 x Pécs - Pécsi Írói program 2011-2016

Lemay, Leo J.A. (ed.)

An Early - American Reader

Lovecraft, Howard Phillips

Supernatural Horror in Literature

Mason, Bobbie Ann

Zigzagging Down a Wild Trail

Meredith, Robert C. & Fitzgerald, John D.

Structuring Your Novel: From Basic Idea to Finished Manuscript

Michaels-Klein, Helaine

Design for Drama - Short Plays Based on American Literature


The Missouri Review - Experiment


New English Dramatists 14

Baym, Nina (ed.)

The Norton Antholody of American Literature - Volume A

Baym, Nina (ed.)

The Norton Antholody of American Literature - Volume B

Baym, Nina (ed.)

The Norton Antholody of American Literature - Volume C

Baym, Nina (ed.)

The Norton Antholody of American Literature - Volume D

Baym, Nina (ed.)

The Norton Antholody of American Literature - Volume E

Nye, Naomi Shihab

19 Varietes of Gazelle

Oliver, Mary



Outline of American Literature

Ozsváth, Zsuzsanna

In the footsteps of Orpheus (The Life and Times of Miklós Radnóti)

Örkény, István

The Flower Show - The Toth Family (Rózsakiállítás - Tóték)

Paine, Debby

There is Hope - Poems from the Heart for the Heart

Pinsky, Robert

Jersey Rain

Plath, Sylvia

The Journals of Sylvia Plath

Poe, Edgar Allan

Great Short Works

Moffett, James & McElheny, Kenneth R. (ed.)

Points of View - An Anthology of Short Stories

Rooney, Andrew A.

And More by Andy Rooney

Rushdie, Salman

Imaginary Homelands

Shakespeare, William

Antony and Cleopatra

Shakespeare, William

The Taming of the Shrew

Shanley, John Patrick

Doubt - A Parable

Showalter, Elaine

A Jury of Her Peers - American Women Writers

Strunk, William & White, E. B.

The Elements of Style

Tezla, Albert (ed.)

Three Contemporary Hungarian Plays

Theoroux, Paul

The Stranger at the Palazzo D'oro and Other Stories

Trevor, William

Selected Stories

Valdez, Luis

Zoot Suit and Other Plays

Vanspanckeren, Kathryn

Az amerikai irodalom (The American Literature)

Warner, J. Sterling & Hillard, Judith

Visions across the Americas - Short Essays for Composition


Writers on America - 15 Reflection