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Afro American Spirituals, Work Songs & Ballads -The Library of Congress - Archive of Folk Culture
A Bölcs Hiawatha - indián népmesék (The Wise Hiawatha - Native American tales)
About the USA
American Roots Music
Cambridge Dictionaries
Devil Got My Woman
Disney's Greatest Hits - 3 CDs
Educational Technology by Greg Kessler
Electronic newsletters, journals, magazines - AC Pécs
Freedom Fighter '56!
GRE General Test - PowerPrep Software - Version 2.0
Group 'n Swing - Swing amíg élek!
Harbach, Chad - The Art of Fielding
Heritage to Horizons - The United States Air Forces in Europe Band
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
InfoUSA 2007-2008
Intensive English USA 2005
Kids Inspiration - Power of Visual Learning
Mastering Skills for the TOEFL iBT
Pittsburgh Stadium Sounds - University of Pittsburgh Varsity Marching Band
Poe, Edgar Allan: A Kút és az Inga - válogatott történetek (The Well and the Pendulum - selected stories)
Portraits of America
Putumayo - A Family Christmas
Putumayo - A Jazz & Blues Christmas
Putumayo - Acoustic Café
Putumayo - American Blues
Putumayo - Americana
Putumayo - Bluegrass
Putumayo - Blues Lounge
Putumayo - Celtic Christmas
Putumayo - Cowboy Playground
Putumayo - Folk Playground
Putumayo - Instrumental Dreamland
Putumayo - Jazz
Putumayo - Lousiana Gumbo
Putumayo - New Orleans
Putumayo - Rhythm & Blues
Putumayo - Sing Along with Putumayo
Putumayo - World Christmas Party
Putumayo - ZYDECO
Remembering Tomorrow - United States Air Forces in Europe Band Check Six (2 CDs)
Resource for English Language Teachers
Sacred Spirit - Chants and Dances of the Native Americans

Sing Out Loud:American Rhythms

Spooky Sounds
Standard Setting Materials for the TOEFL Internet-based Test
The Alan Lomex Collection: Black Appalachia
The Alan Lomex Collection: Blues in the Mississippi Night
The Alan Lomex Collection: Mississippi: The Blues Lineage
The Alan Lomex Collection: Popular Songbook
The Alan Lomex Collection: Prison Songs
The Alan Lomex Collection: Southern Journey: 61 Highway Mississippi
The Alan Lomex Collection: Southern Journey: Earliest Times
The Alan Lomex Collection: Southern Journey: Honor the Lamb
The Alan Lomex Collection: The Land Where the Blues Began
The New SAT with Critical Reading, Math and Writing
TOEFL - The next generation: TOEFL Test Introductory Tour
TOEFL CBT Exam - Computer Based Test
TOEFL Powerprep Software
TOEFL Sampler - An Introduction to Taking the TOEFL Test on Computer
TOEFL Sampler - Test on Computer
TOEFL Test - PowerPrep Software - Version 1.0
TOEFL Test - Real Tutorials - PowerPrep Software - Version 1.0
Tribal Voices - Songs from Native Americans
Variations Essemble VOL. III.