Political Science & International Relations

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Political Science & International Relations


About America: How the United States Is Governed


About America: The Constitution of the United States of America with Explanatory Notes

Tarrósy, István (ed.)

"After You Voted" - How Would You Play NATO?

Albright, Madeleine

Read My Pins

Brzezinski, Z.

The Grand Chessboard - American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives

Brzezinski, Z.

Stratégiai vízió. Amerika és a globális hatalom válsága

Bush, H. W. George

The China Diary of George H.W. Bush

Burrell, Hedley

A szabad sajtó (The Independent Press)


Business without Corruption: An Action Guide

Tarrósy, István - Milford, Susan (eds.)

Changing Dynamics of the Danubian Region, New Neighbourhood Policy in the EU

Chernov, Ron

Alexander Hamilton

Clinton, Bill


Clinton Rodham, Hillary

Living History

Clack, George

Elections 2004


Politics and Region in the United States


The Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence

Tarr, David A. & O'Connor, Ann (ed.)

Congressional Quarterly's - Congress A-Z

Moore, John L. (ed.)

Congressional Quarterly's - Elections A-Z


Congressional Quarterly's - Guide to Presidency - Vol. 1


Congressional Quarterly's - Guide to Presidency - Vol. 2


Congressional Quarterly's - Guide to U.S. Elections - Vol. 1


Congressional Quarterly's - Guide to U.S. Elections - Vol. 2

Nelson, Michael (ed.)

Congressional Quarterly's - The Presidency A-Z

Jost, Kenneth (ed.)

Congressional Quarterly's - The Supreme Court A to Z

Maddex, Robert L. (ed.)

Congressional Quarterly's - The U.S. Constitution A-Z


The Constitution of the USA

Cooper, Phillip J.

By Order of the President - The Use and Abuse of Executive Direct Action

Coulter, Ann



Combating Violence Against Women in the United States

Cullop, Floys G.

The Constitution of the United States - An Introduction

Dallaire, Roméo

Shake Hands with the Devil

Davis, Steve & Elin, Larry & Reeher, Grant

Click on Democracy - The Internet's Power to Change Political Apathy into Civic Action


The Declaration of Independence - The Constitution of the United States of America


Democracy Papers - Universal Declaration of 50 Human Rights


Democracy and Defense - Civilian Control of the Military in the United States

Denton, Robert E. Jr. & Woodward, Gary C.

Political Communication in America

DeTocqueville, A.

Democracy in America

Dorman, Shawn (ed.)

Inside a U.S. Embassy

DeConde, A. & Burns, R. D. & Logevall, F. & Ketz, L. B. (eds.)

Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy - Volume 1: A-D

DeConde, A. & Burns, R. D. & Logevall, F. & Ketz, L. B. (eds.)

Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy - Volume 2: E-N

DeConde, A. & Burns, R. D. & Logevall, F. & Ketz, L. B. (eds.)

Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy - Volume 3: O-W

Feldman, Ruth Tenzer

How Congress Works - A Look at the Legislative Branch

Franken, Al

The Truth

Freeman, Joseph F.

Government is Good - Citizenship, Participation, and Power

Sirianni, Friedland

Civic Innovation in America

Fukuyama, Francis

The End of History and the Last Man


George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States

Hambelton, Robin & Savitch, Hank V. & Stewart, Murray

Globalism and Local Democracy

Kurkov, Andrey (ed.)

Histories of Hope in the First Person - Personal Reflections on Transition in the EBRD Region

Hofstadter, Richard

The American Political Tradition and the Men Who Made It

Karatnycky, Adrian & Ackerman, Peter (ed.)

How Freedom is Won - From Civic Resistance to Durable Democracy

John V. Sullivan,

How our laws are made

Huntington, Samuel P.

Political Order in Changing Societies

Huntington, Samuel P.

The Clash of Civilizations and the Remarking of the World Order

Huntington, Samuel P.

The Third Wave: Democratization in the Late Twentieth Century


Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights

Jacobson, Matthew Frye

Roots Too: White Ethnic Revival in Post-Civil Rights America

Jamieson, Kathleen Hall & Waldman, Paul

The Press Effect - Politicians, Journalists, and the Stories that Shape the Political World

Janda, Kenneth & Berry, Jeffrey M. & Goldman, Jerry

The ChallEnglishe of Democracy

Janda, Berry, Goldman, Hula

The ChallEnglishe of Democracy

Johnson, Dennis W.

No Plce for Amateurs - How Political Consultants are Reshaping American Democracy

Jones-Correa, Michael

Governing American Cities - Inter-Ethnic Coalitions, Competition, and Conflict


Judicial Security Issues in the United States

Kennedy, P. et al. (eds.)

Global Trends and Global Governance

Lakoff, George

Don't Think of an Elephant! - Know Your Values and Frame the Debate

Lakoff, George

Moral Politics - How Liberals and Conservatives Think

Lauterbach, Steven

Society and Values - The United States in 2005 - Who We Are Today

Lechner, Frank J.

The Globalization Reader

Legal Policy Series

Legal Remedies for the Resource Curse

Linz, Juan J. & Stepan, Alfred

Problems of Democratic Translation and Consolidation

Lui, Elizabeth Gill

Building Diplomacy - The Architecture of American Embassies

McKay, David

American Politics and Society


Monitoring Election Campaign Finance - A handbook for NGOs

Morgan, William D. (ed.)

American Diplomats - The Foreign Service at Work

Myers, Sondra

Democracy is a Discussion - Civic Englishagement in Old and New Democracies

Myers, Sondra

Democracy is a Discussion - The ChallEnglishes and Promise of a New Dmocratic Era


The Network of Terrorism

Nussbaum, Martha C.

Political Emotions: Why Love Matters for Justice

O'Donnel, G.

Transitions from Authoritarian Rule - Comparative Perspectives


Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Istambul Anti-Corruption Action Plan


The Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan, Progress and Challanges


Outline of U.S. Government


An Outline of the U.S. Legal System


An Outline of the American Government

109th Congress

Our flag

Palmer, Mark

Breaking the Real Axis of Evil

Quinn, Frederick

Human Rights and You - Guide for the States of the Former Soviet Union and Central Europe

Rapley, John

Understanding Development - Theory and Practice in the Third Wolrld

Ruffin, Frances E.

Martin Luther King, Jr. And the March on Washington

Sandel, Michael J.

Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?

Scanlon, T.M.

Being Realistic About Reasons

Schroeder, Richard C. & Blick, Nathan

Amerikai Államberendezkedés

Tarrósy, István (ed.)

Security under Global Pressure

Sherrill, Robert

The Last Kennedy

 Simon, Jeffrey

NATO Expeditionary Operations: Impacts Upon New Members and Partners

Simonyi, András

Csúcsrajáratva. A washingtoni diplomácia kulisszatitkai

Tarrósy, István & Rosskogler, Gerald (ed.)

Social, Economic And Political cohension in the Danube region in light of EU enlargement

Stiglitz, Joseph

Globalization and its Discontents


Sustainable Development, 16th edition


Sustainable Development, 17th edition


Supporting Human Rights and Democracy - The US Record 2003-2004


Transparency an Silence


The United States and Hungary - Paths of Diplomacy: 1848-2006


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

UNOffice on Drugs and Crime

United Nations Convention Against Corruption


The U.S. Supreme Court


Voting Assistance Guide 2006-07

Waldman, Tom

The Best Guide To American Politics

White, John Kenneth & Shea, Daniel M.

New Party Politics - From Jefferson and Hamilton to the Information Age

Williams, Juan

Eyes on the Prize - America's Civil Rights Years 1954-1965

Woolley, Peter J. & Papa, Albert R.

American Politics - Core Argument / Current Controversy


A Year in Iraq