Rules & Regulations

Library Rules & Regulations

When using facilities at the Library of the American Corner – Pécs, all users are required to observe and follow the library regulations as below.

  1. Use of Library facilities and registration for membership are free of charge.
  2. At registration, new members receive a library card with a membership number. Members’ personal data are necessary for the secure and effective operation of the Library service.  No data is transmitted to a third party or person. Library cards are valid until cancellation of membership.
  3. Loans are recorded on the library cards. They are under no circumstances transferable. 
  4. Members can borrow up to 5 books, 5 magazines and 1 Kindle e-book reader at one time.
  5. Some of the books are governed by special rules. These books cannot be borrowed, but used in the Library during opening hours.
  6. Library members may not delete or download new content onto the Kindle. Please see staff member if you have specific content request. Library members may not de-register the Kindle or change the account settings. The Kindle must be returned directly to a staff member to check back in. It may not be left at the desk or at the Northern Infopoint if no staff member is presen
  7. The period of loan:
    - books: 28 days (except test preparation materials with multimedia: 14 days)
    - Kindle: 28 days
    - magazines, periodicals: 28 days
     multimedia items (CD, DVD): only for on-site viewing!
  8. The loan period can be renewed once personally, via telephone, or via e-mail unless an item is reserved by another library member.
  9. In case of late return of borrowed items, borrowers are liable to pay a fine of 20 HUF / day / item. Fines must be paid at return to the Library. Membership of borrowers with unadjusted liabilities will be suspended until they pay their score.
  10. Library items on loan are under no circumstances transferable.  Borrowers are responsible for the return of items borrowed on their cards.
  11. Users are responsible for all the books and other items in their use, and for all charges incurred in respect of such items. In case of loss or damage, users are liable to pay a replacement charge as determined by the Library.
  12. Personal belongings should not be left unattended in the Library, because the American Corner has no responsibility in case of damage or loss of personal properties.
  13. The American Corner keeps the right to change the library rules at any time.

All library users must subject themselves to the control measures implemented to apply these regulations. Users failing to apply Library rules may be suspended from using Library facilities.